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A few years ago I started some drawings that had a strong sense of space and a lot of color and thin lines; there was an odd kind of perspective to them, so that I was never sure what was on which plane, and I called them “Constructions” not knowing where they would lead. One of the obvious influences was early Italian Renaissance painting, not only for their use of perspective but also their use of color. And last fall [2015] as we began contemplating the renovation of our old house and watched as the refugee crisis in Europe reach epic proportions, the drawings gained added significance and energy as I contemplated the idea of home, of being displaced, of being a refugee, of being “ under construction”; and I wondered about the families, the lives, and the world; all being under construction and all looking for home.

As I was writing this I came across these words by Chikamatu Monzaemon “Art is something that lies in the slender margin between the real and the unreal.”

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The past few years have been a time of exploration, a time to wander freely in whichever direction presented itself in the studio. And a hoping and a longing that in these explorations how to marry my great love of minimal and my great love of expressive would become clearer.


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