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Our bodies, our home, our sanctuary, our ground, our landscape, our story; our soul made visible.

Using sculpture, installation, mixed media, college, printmaking, video, poetry and sound, I explore the richness of the metaphor of the body; the place we call home on the earth. The age old questions of who we are and what are we doing here are examined (although, unfortunately, ultimately not answered ). The mystery of the body, our layers of skin that keep us separate from one another, our longing to be part of the whole, our light, our darkness, the idea of metamorphosis, of transformation: this is the material I play with.

Creating the Vessel.....using the Kabalistic story of the sacred vessels which, at the beginning of the world contained Divine light, but because the vessels were so full they shattered into countless pieces and the Light was dispersed and fell upon the earth. According to the mystics it is our job to locate the pieces and mend them so the Light can be whole again.

Through the Boundaries....Exploring the body as a defended place and our armor as a means to protect ourselves . These are life size fragments of human body parts cast in the delicate and translucent material of handmade Japanese “gampi” paper ( made from the bark of the gampi tree).The manner in which the gampi tissue echoes the body’s form resembles a shredded skin, implying that a kind of metamorphosis has occurred. With these sculptures, the viewer is compelled to contemplate the idea of the body as a vessel and what is contained or not there in.

Laying down the armor.... Standing naked, literally and figuratively, a way of being in the world, vulnerable, undefended . Actually being grounded on the earth.

The landscape of our earthbody....Playing with the idea of our body being a cell in the larger body, the earth. Belonging..the place where a sholder becomes a mountain, the edges of a arm a valley, the body a landscape.

Transformation ... Margaret Atwood’s poem Resurrection inspired this whole piece, I received permission to use the poem in a video I was making and the rest followed. In the poem the last line reminds us that “in the end we will all be trees” and I loved the idea of becoming, transformation, renewal; of the great cycle of life. The 3 short video’s, Elegy...for the Trees, Resurrection, and For the Woman who loves trees, have a common theme of trees, and demanded to be “housed” a certain way .A skeleton house, made of rough lumber (the trees first transformation) rather like bones, ribs, spine and in the pediment roots washed clean and aged.

Gateway...a place between, a passageway to another place, a place to let go of the old, worn, dated, that which does not serve us well

Sanctuary.....A haven, a place of peace,of rest ,of gratitude; a place where all our “parts” come together for a brief while. “When you get into higher math it emulates the nature of human beings. That you could see longing in mathematics, and elegance and grace. And then he showed me the configurationof an asymptote, the tangents and the curved lines, and the way that they came very close to touching, but never quite did.” (from Elizabeth Berg Range of Motion )

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