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Talk to us and we will listen,1994

mixed media
172 cm H. x 194 cm W.

Dark Heart, 1996

mixed media
175 cm H x 80 cm W x 10cm D

This is the death of Cherubino, 1993

mixed media
36 in H x 42 in W

Daedalus and Elizabeth, 1994

mixed media
20 in H x 20in W x 20 in D

The Diver, 1994

cast gampi tissue
78 in H x 36 in W x 8 in D

Ensainte, 1994

cast gampi tissue
35 in H x 31 in W x 10 in D

And her sister.....fixed on her the eye of death and hung her from a hook,1994

mixed media
91 in H. x 26 in W. x 7 in D

Dying Fish,1993

silk screen, mixed media
70 cm H. x 48 cm W.

The Heart of the Matter,1993

silk screen, mixed media
48 cm H. x 70 cm W.

Angel Fish,1994

mixed media
67 in H. x 46 in W.

As above, so below,1993

silk screen, mixed media
70 cm H. x 48 cm W.

Creation of the Vessel,1993

mixed media
80 cm H. x 110 cm W. x 23 cm D
français artist Sophia's Garden statement / Garden Light Garden Light lightn statement / Narnia Narnia n statement / French Suites  French Suites n Homage to Betty Goodwin statement / Homage to Betty statement / surrounded by light surrounded by light statement / spirit highways spirit highways statement / she regarding...her tilting, she regarding...her tilting, twirling house statement / hulls, boats & hulls, boats & trees statement / the sweetness of the sweetness of truth the statement / in the cave in the cave of my video / installations / performance contact /