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There are several ways to watch this video. If you have a very fast Internet connection, you can watch the video here, or, if your speed is somewhat slower than blazingly fast, like mine, you might want to watch the video in chapters here.

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This is the video component of the installation/performance work “The Singing of the Stones”. The video is made up of 14 short works, based on the words and psychological ideas expressed in the book “The Road” and farther explored in “The Stations of the Cross’. The stations are Fate, Betrayal, Cynicism/Doubt, Pain, Suffering, Humiliation, Shame, Denial, Revenge, Forgiveness, Surrender, Acceptance and Reconciliation. If, as Buddha says, “All life is suffering”, I wanted to figure out a way to get off the cross (metaphorically speaking). Forgiveness and surrender have been, or rather are, particularly foreign to my nature, but I take heart in knowing there is a map, a way out if I can surrender and forgive.

This is a collaborative work and, as such, would never have been possible without the help of many people. I was humbled by the great generosity, love and support which they offered and which helped bring this work to life. Thanks go to John Ballantyne, whose constant encouragement, support and loving presence surrounds me, to Cheryl Long, to Raechel (Karen) Bratnick, who helped me to incubate and hold the dream, to Shirley Fischlin, for her great kindness and gentleness as I showed her the music; to Susan Reininger, who came into my life like an answer to a prayer, and to Stansje Plantenga, who "saw" this performance first. Almut Ellinghaus, Dena Goldberg, Hélène Carrier Laplume, Louise Patch and Stansje came out week after week, year after year and brought with them such generosity of spirit and heart. Thanks also to Christina Richards, a great sister and editor, and to Karen Bessette, who sat at the edge of the ocean for me.

Total running time 25 min.26sec.

Audio and video8 mix 1997
Transfered to D.V. 2003

Musical Director

Susan Reininger


Almut Ellinghaus
Dena Goldberg
Hèléne Carrier Laplume
Louise Patch


Liz Davidson
Stansje Plantenga
Susan Reininger


Dena Goldberg


Iona Corber
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