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What connects each other, to place, to country, to a particular time in space? Threads have been the traditional metaphor used, as in the weaving of a tapestry; but this summer when we bought a new car it felt that the highway had become the metaphor. Living in the country the only way to see friends, to get groceries, to get supplies is to get into your car and travel down the side of yellow lines. A line that separates this from that. A line that connects along its length. When this series started the line was all important. Cutting the page, crossing the page, falling off the page, and disappearing on the page. As the work progressed parts of, or sections of the line became more important, colors became more intense and gradually the line became more and more indistinct and color became of primary importance. In the latest works the smallest piece of the line is entered into, and it feels like the light one sees as they fall asleep or when they enter into a meditative state, and maybe that is in that place in which we are truly connected to each other.




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