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An accidental creation story in which a rather unstable woman (the tilting, twirling house) discovers that it is possible to create herself again and therefore re-create her world as well. A sly and humerous take on the accepted version of the first 7 days when the world was created (she found that she only need 5 days for the job). These works are a combination of digital images and video, each feeding the other, informing the other and transformed by the other. Structures (sculptural ellements) are also informing the work, actually the series started with the building of a tiny, tilting, twirling house and a ladder to get in to the house.



video / installations / performance
Sophia's Garden
Garden Light
French Suites
Homage to Betty Goodwin
surrounded by light
spirit highways
forest vessels
she regarding...her tilting, twirling house
hulls, boats & trees
the sweetness of truth the
in the cave of my
tree works
the singing of the stones
while I was asleep
Secrets from the Soul / Navigational Maps
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