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When I work I never seem to know quite what I am doing and consequently am always astonished by what happens in the studio. At first I was trying to get to the essence of the stoke on paper ( the “scribble” ), the way my body moves the pencil, the transparency of the paper, (the drawings were done on vellum), what the shapes were / are saying, what needs to be said. It’s a very instinctual process of feeling my way, of trying to find / see the light, of trying to bring forth what I sense is there. Over a period of months as I worked with these “marks” something began to emerge. Shapes had acquired a vocabulary; boats, bridges, bodies and trees, and what came to possess me was the incredible amount of light in the dark, of beauty deep within. Dark had always been a place of fear, of unknowing, a place of no light. Now, with these works, dark becomes a radiant place.

Boats and hulls are fascinating to me, but I was surprised when they started to appear in my work. They seem to carry me to some unfamiliar place, sometimes forming a bridge to carry me over to the new and sometimes as a vessel to sail into unfamiliar waters. The trees made a bit more sense, they have been a reoccurring symbol in my work, and I have used the same photo of a tree for 6-7 years, perhaps trying to get to its essence. Trees have such an enduring quality, they are an incredible symbol for renewal and resurrection. As the tree is felled in the forest, it becomes lumber, perhaps for a home or a boat. Another great circle. And of course if you are going to have boats there will probably be water; in these works the trees are surrounded by water.

These works are a combination of the pencil drawings, collage, photos of the drawings, of the woods, bodies, marks, water, ice, snow, mud ect., layered together, regrouped and reformed and enclosed with encaustic which makes them glow; leading me back and forth, and surprising me with what they want to do and say.



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