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The past few years have been a time of exploration, a time to wander freely in whichever direction presented itself in the studio. And a hoping and a longing that in these explorations how to marry my great love of minimal and my great love of expressive would become clearer.


"Art is an epiphany in a coffee cup." Elizabeth Murray

Unloading the car I came across an empty coffee cup, unusual in our car as neither one of us can ever manage to drive and drink coffee at the same time. We always end up wearing the coffee. About to put it in the recycling I noticed the lines and shapes; so beautiful in its simplicity; the basic circle, and a line.


While taking apart the coffee


The main focus of my work for the past few years has been to simplify, to pare away, to use what is basic in the artists repertoire; my hand, a pencil, a brush, ink, charcoal, paper. And it all starts with that first gesture or mark, a line, be it thick or thin, bold or tentative. And it depends on my intent on using my personal energy so that sometimes the lines are bursting about, wild with life and sometimes they are quiet and reflective. It’s been a hugely pleasurable process as one line leads to the next and starts a conversation. Often the pleasure has been how ink and paper greet each other and start to sing. In this body of work there is a hoping and longing that in these explorations my great love of minimal and my great love of expressive would become less separate and more of a whole.

Doing some research on line/lines I found a sweet fact, that in geometry, lines are a primitive concept. For some reason that pleases me. These works are a result of my explorations.

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