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elegy to betty, 2009 -2013
a longer book of horizontal

The title for this horizontal book comes from a favorite poem of Margaret Atwood's called Resurrection that I used in a video years ago [link here]. She, very kindly, had given me permission to do so. At that time I loved taking video stills and reworking them in the studio and on the computer. With this book I wanted to solve some of the technical dramas I have with the accordion structure and also see how large was workable as a book. I glued just the back page to the back cover and I like it, it works, but the size is still an issue. Some of the pages are strong and some are weaker [all the pages are test prints that I have been gathering as I clean out my flat files] and they can't seem to stand evenly; an easily solved problem if I do another large book, use very heavy paper or back each page with another color.

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